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Meat and Milk Board

Brief History And General Information

Meat and Fish Institution was founded as a State Economic Enterprise (SEE) with a capital of 40 million TRY under the directorship of Ministry of Trade on 01/10/1952 upon the Coordination Board Decision numbered K/871 which was approved by the 28/08/1952 dated and 3/15597 numbered Decree of the Cabinet pursuant to the clause 6 of the National Protection Law numbered 3780.

Foundation of the Meat and Fish Institution coincides with a period when the private sector, capital accumulation and industry and trade were underdeveloped and qualified personnel was scarce.

The young Republic of Turkey enabled the development of industry and formation of capital accumulation by leading the private sector by establishing SEEs in order to increase employment and improve the economy. In line with these purposes, organisations such as Meat and Fish Institution, Milk Industry Institution and Feed Industry were founded in the agricultural sector to contribute to development of agriculture and livestock breeding.

Meat and Fish Institution operated meat processing plants in order to produce high quality meat under hygienic conditions. The Institution purchased and butchered livestock under the control of the veterinaries; and established the meat and meat products industry by making the livestock breeding a commercial occupation. Thus, the objective has been the development of the national livestock breeding and improvement of the productivity.