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Meat and Milk Board

Inclusion To The Scope Of Privatization

As time passed, MFI, which had undertaken significant duties for the national livestock breeding and national economy, became a loss-maker just like all the other SEEs due to wrong and politics based investments, idle capacities, wrong employment policies and daily political decisions. Therefore upon the decree of the Cabinet dated 20/05/1992 and numbered 3088, it was included in the privatization program of the SEEs. Also its name was amended as “Meat and Fish Products Co. Inc.” upon the 22/01/1993 dated and 93/2 numbered decision of the Higher Board of Planning.

Meat and Fish Authority had operated 35 plants until 1990s. To date, totally 18 plants, have been sold and 5 plants have been transferred to government offices free of charge and 3 plants have been shut down.